Mortgage and Lending Companies

DISCLAIMER: The services, service providers and products listed in this directory SHOULD NOT be considered an endorsement or recommendation, in any way, of any company, individual or product listed here. This information is provided as a convenience to 55+ home buyers and sellers. We recommend that you, as a buyer or seller, do your due diligence by interviewing and researching multiple companies and service providers. Prices can vary greatly for the same services and products. There may also be many other similar products and services available on the market, not listed in this directory. If you use a product or service in this directory and are not satisfied, please let us know and we will remove them from these pages.

Franklin Loan Center
Gail Christiansen email:
44-800 Village Court
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Office: (760) 779-8100
Fax: (760) 779-8113

Mountain West Financial
Ben Holloway

Murphys Bank (Will lend on some manufactured homes built before 1976, if you own the land)
Richard Laxton
Vice President
(559) 225-0318

Summit Funding, Inc.
Linda Benjamin, Senior Loan Officer
(760) 568-0300
Cell(760) 272-0971

Vince Starace

US Bank
Tom Miller
44100 Monterey Ave.
Palm Desert, CA 92260

US Financial Network
Danielle Hoskins San Juan Capistrano
949-661-9044 / 800-655-9044

Wells Fargo
Sindee Rodrigues
(951) 318-0059

Wells Fargo Bank
Ken Agee
Home Mortgage Consultant
5200 Ramon Rd. Bldg. E
Palm Springs, CA 92264
Office: 760-833-7080
Mobile: 760-413-4680
Mobile Home Loan Funding

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