Do You Know The Top 10 Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes?

According to Bill and Mona Miller, of Estate Planning Services of Incodevco, Inc., Procrastination is the #1 mistake. Want to know the other nine?

You’ll have to attend the discussion on Estate Planning at the Mizell Senior Center in Palm Springs, on Monday, November 1st at 2pm. The center is located at the corner of Sunrise Way and Ramon Road in Palm Springs, California. Reservations are not required, but you can call 800-309-3965 or 760-834-8566 for more information.

Among the topics to be considered: What is estate planning? Who needs estate planning? How can we control our estate? Why is Probate so expensive and take so long? Why do we need a REVOCABLE Living Trust? When is an IRREVOCAB LE trust appropriate? How do we avoid or reduce death taxes? Can improper vesting get me in trouble? How do I avoid Medical spend-down? How do unmarried partners do estate planning?

The discussion will be lead by Jeffrey A. Kopczynski, Estate Planning Attorney and Bill and Mona Miller, Estate Planners.