Andrew Jenks, Room 335

Currently playing on Cinemax, here in the desert, is a real gem of a film, for anyone planning to grow old some day.

First time director, Andrew Jenks, a handsome, funny and sweet 19-year-old Sophomore at New York University, moves into an assisted living facility for a month, as an experiment to see what he can learn “from old people.” His teenaged buddies, cinematographer and editor Jonah Quickmire Pettigrew and assistant director William Godel, move in with him.

The photo above features Andrew (right) with Bill, one of the many characters he meets and befriends at the facility. Ninety-five year old Tammy is the jokester, and for me, heart of the film.

Asking the residents questions about sex, love and the meaning of life, Andrew captures both the highs and the lows of aging. What I learned from this funny, and at times heartbreaking film, is that the end of life stage that we’ll all someday experience, if we’re lucky, is just like every other stage in life – it’s full of loneliness and loving relationships, ups and downs, sadness and happiness.

To watch the trailer, or for additional information about this award-winning and film festival audience-pleasing documentary, visit the film’s website.