It’s Okay To Be An Old Twit

Remember when being called a Twit was a bad thing?

Today, it’s a good thing. It means you Twitter, which means you’re taking advantage of the latest technology to keep connected with your friends, family and the world, both locally and internationally.

Our Windermere Real Estate Palm Springs offices hold their weekly broker’s meetings at the Mizell Senior Center. I was there, last week, to talk to our agents about how Facebook and Twitter can be used to provide better customer service to home buyers and sellers.

In the lobby I picked up a flyer announcing that the Mizell Center was now on Twitter. The flyer states that it’s an easy way for you to get up to the minute updates about programs, changes in lunch menu, special activities, and upcoming events. Whoever wrote the flyer forgot to mention that it’s also easy and lots of fun.

You don’t even have to join Twitter to read their Tweets. All you have to do is visit