The World’s Oldest Showgirl Is 85!

I’ve seen 85-year-old Dorothy Dale Kloss kick up her heels on stage at The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies and watched her do things I could never do, at any age. She’s in the 2009 Guinnes Book of World Records as the oldest living, still performing, showgirl, but just as amazing is that The Follies features an entire stage full of showgirls and showboys who are just as astonishing as Kloss, and only slightly younger.


The girls include: Glenda Guilfoyle 75, Natascha Ahlborn 73, Judy Bell 71, Leila Burgess 73, Joni Naber 72, Marcia Harp 67, Jill Owens 66, Jill Gordon 65, and Lark Romero 55. The boys include: Dick France 79, Wayne Albritton 66, Randy Doney 69, Leonard Crofoot 60, and John Kendrick 55. What I like most about the show, though, is that a few minutes into it and you might as well be in Vegas watching 20-something performers in their prime.

Travel Video TV says, “Physical allure, vitality, and advancing age can co-exist! For proof of this claim, you need look no further than The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies and Dorothy Dale Kloss, an 85-year-old sensation of youth and energy. She has been tap dancing on the Follies’ stage for 14 years with the skill and electricity of someone a quarter her age–continuing a dance career that began decades ago, in the 1930s.” Read more.